Saturday, August 23, 2008

A small cafe...

Tonight, The Wife and I ate at Garlic Rose in Madison. It was tasty and garlic-y; not obsessively so, but more than you'd find in a typical restaurant. Hence, "Garlic Rose." It's a perfectly fine restaurant, even though it took them around 40 minutes post-salads to come up with our entrees. We were there 3 years ago, around the same time - it was summer, but earlier in the summer. It's amazing how much has changed since.

Even looking at the last two months, things have changed immensely. I was just really considering it, over the past few days. For instance, The Boy no longer falls asleep on my shoulder anymore. I mean, he falls asleep on me, but he does it lying prone, across my lap. He just doesn't seem to find it comfortable anymore. He fell asleep on my shoulder last week, while I was lying down on the easy chair, and that was extraordinary because of its rarity at this point in his life.

Little things are different, as he develops. The way that he plays with his toys has changed again. He will play with one toy for a longer period of time. He uses the toys for a couple of different reasons: 1) the sound it makes when banging against the floor or another toy, or 2) because it's something that opens or closes or hides stuff. He likes his Playskool Pop-Up Pals, even though he hasn't figured out how to make them pop up. He will crawl across the room to close them when the little animals are standing up. He loves the Fisher Price walker/truck that the nurses at the Valerie Center gave him, because it makes noises when you bang the buttons and because Daddy and Mommy hide toys inside the seat. He likes his drawer in the kitchen, because there's always something cool hidden inside there. Get the picture?

Other toys he uses differently. He was given a wooden puzzle with three pieces. He holds one piece in each hand and crawls around, slapping the wood against the floor. It makes a nice satisfying "thunk," which he likes. He does the same thing with the plastic cups that we bought at Dollar Tree, but those crack quickly. But, that's pretty much what he uses the toys for.

Some of his balls he will roll around, and he can occasionally be coaxed to roll a ball back and forth between himself and another person. Not too often, and not so long, but that's what he does.

With the next kid, we're not going to buy toys. Just some cardboard boxes, empty plastic bottles and plastic tubs. There's no real need, because that's what they enjoy playing with the most.

He's not any closer to walking or talking than he was. He says "Mama" and "Dada" pretty clearly, most of the time. He hasn't taken any steps since the baseball game, and he hasn't done much more standing on his own. We're not in a rush. He'll move exactly as quickly as he wants. I'd like to be there for the first bunch of steps, and band camp starts tomorrow morning.

On Tuesday morning, The Wife and her mother will take The Boy to the hospital for his CAT scan. At that point, a bunch of things could happen:

1) The CAT scan can reveal that he can go in for surgery this week, and he will likely be operated upon on Thursday or Friday. Maybe the following week, because of the holiday weekend. In that case, he'll likely resume chemo on the following Friday (which is September 5) with week 8.

2) The CAT scan can reveal that the chemo isn't working quite as quickly as we'd prefer, and surgery will be postponed until after week 13. (Week 12 starts the third cycle of chemo, and they want 10 days for it to take effect.) This might result, depending on the size of the remaining tumor and the other indications, in an increase in the intensity of chemotherapy. My personal fear is that this is a likely occurrence, considering the fact that he seems to be showing little to no effects from his chemo. But, I'm a worst-case scenario person.

3) The CAT scan can reveal that the tumor has disintegrated completely, meaning that no surgery will be necessary. This is not a high probability, but it could happen.

4) One or two other things that I >>really<< don't want to think about.

The difficult thing is that I'm away at band camp from Sunday morning until Wednesday night. Thursday morning is the new teacher breakfast, followed by the first time that I'll actually get to see my classroom. Same thing on Friday - my only time to get in my room. Also on Friday, I have my exam for school at 11 o'clock. So, there's a great chance that I'll walk into school completely blind.

Last year at this band camp, I had my cel phone and checked it every five minutes because The Wife was 9 months and 10 days pregnant. This year? Because I'm waiting for results of the tests. They told us that the results won't come back to us until Wednesday, so if we hear about anything on Tuesday, it's either very good or very bad news. The way I look at it, the longer we wait until we hear, the less likely that the news will be catastrophic.

Funny story: we just got home from going out to eat, and we walked in the door to find my baby asleep on my mother-in-law's shoulder. He woke up to nurse, and was watching the baseball game with us. He looked over and saw that my mother-in-law was eating a sandwich, wriggled out of my wife's lap, crawled over to my mother in law and stole half of her sandwich. He crawled back to Mommy and has been sitting on her lap, eating the sandwich, ever since.

Funny little man. To the left is how he fell asleep during our walk this morning.

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Jennifer said...

I'll be thinking of him when he gets his cat Scan. I'll be hoping for the best!

I love the picture of him sleeping. What is it with those trays that just scream "foot rest." :)