Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday = Diaper H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks

Chemo didn't go quite as planned, today. The Boy's counts (the white blood cell count, which is taken and monitored each week to check for nasty, nasty side effects and increased chance of infection) were low today. They were around 700, and the doctors want the counts up to a thousand, at least, before he receives the next BIG DRUG that he was supposed to get today. Fine. Whatever. I'm easy. The actinomycin gets pushed back one week, but nothing else changes. The Cat scan will still happen on the 26th, even though they'd prefer a full 10 days to let the chemo take effect on the tumor.

And, of course, everything depends on the results of that test. When the surgery takes place is told by that test. Then, the fate of the remainder of the chemo happens as a result of that test - the chemo could be scaled up or back, or remain the same. Depending.

So, he was hooked into an IV to get anti-nausea meds to combat a drug that he wound up not taking, and we were in the hospital from 11 until 1:45. Sigh. What didn't help was that I didn't sleep last night - I was awake until a little after 4 o'clock, for no apparent reason. I didn't eat weird yesterday, and the only caffeine was a 20-oz of Mountain Dew at 6 o'clock.

Ironically enough, I think that the insomnia was a result of my body going off coffee this week. The body has a tendency to overreact to stuff, and I think I was awake because I didn't get enough caffeine on Wednesday. Whatever. I took a nice nap this afternoon, and I'll be awake until after the midnight shift with The Boy in Diaper Hell. The Wife takes 2AM, I got 4, she's got 6 & I've got 8.

All right. I'm procrastinating from doing schoolwork long enough.

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