Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time keeps on tickin'...

I turn 34 years old today - approximately 40 minutes ago, to be precise. That's not old, in a cosmic sense. That's not old, in a human sense. It is old, however, to a youngest child who has always been a tad immature in bearing.

I live a very "young" life. I love video games, and comic books, and science fiction television shows. I'm "up" on all of the latest music and movies and gadgets. I know how to use the latest technology and computer services and stuff like that. I sing and direct barbershop music, which means that there are always guys around who were old when Lincoln was president, which makes me feel younger.

But, I'm not young anymore. I'm 34 years old today.

I know. It's not old. Many of my friends are older; many of my friends are also significantly younger. I've reached the point in life where I'm no longer the "hip young teacher;" instead, I'm just a teacher. I'm not old, I'm not middle aged; I'm also not young anymore.

I have a wife, a son, a mortgage, car payments (well, not anymore - but soon, because my car is a lemon) and a family membership in my local Reform temple and a home in an Episcopalian community up north. My college drinking buddies are all beginning to have children (some have multiples), and, when we get together, a beer or two usually does it for most of us. (We have to drive home, you know. The days of crashing on somebody's floor, or sleeping six to a hotel room, are over. That stuff hurts the back too much.) My father looks on me as a friend, just as much as he looks on me as his son. My students - when they graduate - now feel awkward calling me by my first name, because I'm so much older than they are.


My birthday is going to be a great day, don't get me wrong. We're going to go out for breakfast in the morning. I get to spend the afternoon with The Boy, because my wife is teaching lessons. We might go out for dinner, or we might stay in - it depends on what we feel like doing. I'm probably going to exercise tomorrow, because I feel like it, and I'm certainly going to do some math work. Not exactly what I'd call an exciting day, but - for this old man - it is sufficient.

No toys from my father for my birthday, although he did give me a stress reliever shaped like a boob. My brother's family surprised me at Dapper Dans tonight, with a birthday cake that my father bought - it was really, really cool.

All right. I know I should go to bed, but I think that I want to play some Pixeljunk Monsters. That game is the best $5 I've spent in a long time - LOADS of fun, lots of replayability. I've probably spent 10-15 hours playing it, and I'm only about 60% done. That's a wonderful dollar per hour amount, when you think about it. I'll probably finish the whole thing at around 20 hours, which makes a quarter per hour - close to my best.

(The best was Final Fantasy 12, which was 167 hours of gameplay for $45. I know that the dollars per hour isn't as good as many, but - 167 hours? Come on.)


the mol said...

Happy Birthday, dear. Love you!

Sarah R said...

Well, Happy Birthday, Musical Daddy! The BEST people were born in August, it seems. :) How exciting that you get to share a birth month with The Boy!

And, no. 34 is not old. I consider 60 and above "getting old" and 75 and above "old". :D

Paul D. Keiser said...

You have my deepest, most heartfelt empathy, my friend.

From one 34-year-old barbershoppin', comic readin', music teachin', geek of a husband and father to another...

Happy Birthday!