Sunday, August 10, 2008

To the sea, to the sea, see how happy we'll be...

So, I never made it to mass this morning. Cie la vie. The Boy woke up at 5:50, and was pretty much up; by about 6:40, he was jumping on top of Mommy & Daddy to play. I took him inside, and we had breakfast and played and stuff. At 8:40, he fell asleep and stayed asleep until about 10:15. I have a policy of never waking a sleeping baby.

Anyway, we were supposed to wake up in northwestern Virginia this morning - Eagle Trace at Manusset, to be specific - as our timeshare vacation. Unfortunately, what with the whole chemotherapy thing, we cancelled that vacation. Instead, we've talked about going down to the shore for a couple of weeks now. We've been lucky because The Boy's chemo has gone quite well.

This morning, I went on, and - wouldn't you know it - there actually was a hotel room in Seaside Heights from Sunday until Tuesday! This was exciting, as it allows us to get away and still get back in time for the baseball game Tuesday night (where my chorus is singing the national anthem). We packed up the car and the baby and left.

We are now on mediocre wifi, but it's still wifi. It's also thundering and lightning-ing out, which means that we probably won't be swimming in the ocean for a few hours. Maybe tonight. We're in our room for a little while, which is fine. I could use a nap.

Pictures - maybe a movie - will follow of The Boy on the beach with Logical Mommy & me.


Sarah R said...

Awesome--good for you! You and your family deserve a vacation. A mini-vacation counts! May you have a relaxing time, and I hope you get some time in the ocean too! Take some pics of The Boy at the beach!

Paul D. Keiser said...

AWW! I wanna go to Seaside!!!

You gotta let me know if that huge Alfred E. Newman statue is over the boadwalk and if Coin Castle still stands.

Ah, Seaside Heights. Some of my best memories of Jersey are there.