Friday, August 1, 2008

What a morning...

Don't get me wrong - this was not a bad night, by any stretch. It's just... well, zombifying, to have to get up every two to four hours to change a diaper.

We went to the local concert last night - a 60's British Rock cover band with a forgettable name. I was rather grouchy, having eaten exceptionally poorly on Thursday and not resting nearly enough. After five or six songs - and after The Boy suffered a little bit of a no-reason meltdown, we went back home. He fell asleep for the night approximately twenty minutes after we got home. I was up later, mostly playing Pixeljunk Monsters on PS3, although I spent a little bit of time playing the "Pain" game I downloaded. That one entertained my wife - the premise of the game is that you put yourself into a slingshot and fling yourself at buildings, cars, people, etc. Ouch. I also got a few minutes' worth of schoolwork done.

I changed The Boy at 11, when he woke and realized that he was alone. I went to sleep at midnight and woke at 3 when he started crying again - at 2:57, to be honest, three minutes before the first alarm went off. I changed him and brought him to bed with us, because he was hungry. At 5, my alarm went off, and I woke my wife up (my clock is about four minutes faster than hers) to change him, which she did without waking him. At 7, I tried to change him without waking him, but no dice. We played outside until he pooped 15 minutes later. Sigh. Two diapers in fifteen minutes.

Our eggs went rotten in the fridge, and I can't find the other dozen, so I'll wait until my wife wakes at 9 and go out to breakfast. One of the guys in my barbershop chorus is interning at a summer program in Morristown, and he did a lot of work in their version of Music Man, Jr., so we'll change him at 9 and go out to eat and go see the musical.

Uh-oh... he's going after Mommy. See you soon.

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