Thursday, September 11, 2008


So, The Wife brought The Boy to the Valerie Fund Center today for a check-up, considering his temperature and vomiting problems of the last several days. They checked him over and pronouced it a stomach bug, then gave him the chemo a day early. She took the rest of the day off from work and went home. After a nap, they stopped by my school and I showed the two of them off - my beautiful wife and my adorable baby. It was nice seeing them, and The Boy had a good time crawling around the REALLY BIG band room. (Well, big compared to our house. Not so big in the grand scheme of band rooms. Not little, just not big.)

Next week, I'm taking him to his one-year pediatrician's checkup. That should be fun, because he's so much bigger and, well, more interesting than he was at his nine-month checkup! The not-so-fun thing is that, on Thursday, he'll be going in for an MRI and a CT Scan at the hospital. I'll take the day off from school and spend it with him there. He'll get a blood test at the Valerie Fund Center beforehand - HOORAY! NO CHEMO NEXT WEEK! - then get knocked out for his zappy-zappy tests. I'd be shocked if my father didn't come by to spend time, but - well - who knows?

I feel better that he got a clean bill of health, although I HATE the fact that Diaper Hell comes after a 15-hour day (school, marching band, church choir) and before a school day (plus marching band). Sigh. Still, it saves Aunt M. from making the trip from Harrisburg (at $3.50 a gallon, you know?), although I'd like to see her because she's interesting.


Don't know what this means about the surgery; I'm assuming that we'll find out next week, after the scans. We'll see. Of course, my friends, I'll keep you updated.

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