Monday, September 29, 2008

Cuteness personified...

Yesterday afternoon was a good day, for sure.

The zoo outing that the Valerie Fund Center had planned got rained out, so The Boy and I got some extra time at home in the afternoon with The Boy. We got home (The Wife went to the supermarket) around 12:40 and played around on the bed for a little while. It was really cute: he'd "tackle" me, then I'd "tackle" him, then he'd "tackle" me, and so on. All rounds of tackling would end with tickling and raspberries and giggling and laughing. It was immensely cute and fun for both of us. When Mommy came home, she joined us for a while before we went outside to the living room to watch the football game and eat lunch.

The coolest thing that he's done recently is put the plastic shapes through the appropriately designed holes in the toy. He does it three or four times in a row, then he'll lose interest and start throwing things. That's also fun, incidentally. The Boy and The Wife took a bit of a nap together after lunch, while I was doing... I don't remember what I was doing, but I was working on something.

After he woke up, he was - again - really cute and engaging. He was playing with us, handing things back and forth and imitating us and trying to use the toys in a different way that just banging, throwing and chewing. His span of attention is appropriately short, but it's pretty good for a kid of his age.

I'm looking forward to getting to spend some good time with him over the holidays in the next two days. The chemo is going to suck tomorrow - big one, with two bad chemicals - but my father & niece are planning on coming by to spend time with us. The Wife is planning on going to services on Tuesday morning. The Boy'll probably go with her on Tuesday night. I'll stay home and play God of War II - I'm almost done.

Ugh. My brain is moving slowly today. The kids are out of their minds - day before a vacation day is usually pretty brutal when it comes to concentration, and this is no exception. Well, one more class to teach, 5 or 6 jazz band auditions to listen to, and we're done.

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the mol said...

at least it isn't red pee week.