Friday, September 26, 2008

An even funnier story...

So, The Boy's diaper rash was just not getting any better. (That's not the funny part.) The Wife took The Boy to the Valerie Fund Center yesterday, to get the blood counts in the vain hope that he'd be getting chemo. Since his counts were, basically, non-existant on Monday, there wasn't a realistic chance in you-know-where that he'd be getting chemo. We asked the doctors and nurses about why his rash didn't seem to be improving much, and they started to hunt down a solution.

Making a long story short, it turns out that Ms. R, the babysitter, had been using the emla cream as diaper cream. The emla cream, if you didn't know, is the stuff we put on the port to numb the skin to make the port access needle painless. So, in essence, Ms. R was numbing the baby's whole diaper area each diaper change instead of using the antifungal cream.

Numb nuts, indeed.


Tara said...

Oh dear, I have heard a lot of weird emla stories - but never such as this! I would like to invite you to the emla website. You can share this interesting little tale and watch videos of other families overcoming similar obstacles. You might learn a bit about emla or impart wisdom on others while you are there.
Best of luck to you and your tiny one.
Oh - what happened to the babysitter?

Musical Daddy said...

Ah, it was an honest mistake - and, frankly, pretty darn funny. That's the sort of punch line that lasts for weeks, you know. Besides, finding a friendly, open, wonderful, caring babysitter that lives a quarter-mile from your house is very, very difficult - particularly when you're trying to find a place to put an immune-compromised baby in a safe place. We'll laugh with her for a couple more years, hopefully!