Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Of course, in reading my last post, I don't want to misrepresent myself. It's not that he doesn't let me pick him up or change his diaper or give him food. He does, and we do play. He likes the "rough-housing" that we do - the "throw-the-baby-onto-the-bed" & subsequent "earthquake" is a huge hit. Yesterday, for instance, he took a solid 15 minutes of snuggling before we left in the morning because he needed it. I can do that stuff for him; it's just not really possible when my wife is home.

Today & Thursday are also my difficult days. I teach a full day at school, run right out to marching band, run home to grab a quick shower, a cup of coffee and a sandwich, and back out to chorus rehearsals. I'm home at 10:30, to do my usual evening ablutions and try to get to bed before midnight - easier said than done, I'm afraid. Fortunately, Wednesday is an easy day - home at 6:30PM for the night - and Friday will be easy on non-chemo days (which start after this Friday). It's a little intimidating to have, essentially, 15 straight hours of teaching with no real break. I can do it, though - I've done it for years. The tough bit will be when morning jazz band starts and I'm in school at 7AM for 7:30AM rehearsal. Gag me.

So, I'm more concerned about taking care of The Boy when I'm not around to help my wife. I understand that it's just marching season and will be over after November 10th-ish. It doesn't make it any easier, emotionally. She's a tough broad - she'd have to be, to deal with me on a daily basis - but The Boy can be difficult to handle sometimes, when you have no break after work.

We'll see. The two nighttime activities that I participate in are paid activities, and we need the money. (Still haven't seen hospital bills yet... we wait with baited breath.)

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