Friday, September 12, 2008

A far more interesting day than I'd prefer

So, The Boy had a relatively easy Diaper Hell night - actually, he slept really hard. None of the nighttime diaper changes actually woke him up, which was the first weird thing. Usually, he's up for a little while with at least one of them. This morning, he threw up again before breakfast and was tired and listless. The Wife called the Valerie Fund Center, and they told us to bring him in.

At the time, I was in the middle of my 4th period class. I handed them off to my colleague, told the office the situation and left. I picked him up from the babysitter and brought him to the Valerie Fund Center around 11:00. They took blood to test his levels and they started him on IV fluids.

When he and I arrived, he was non-responsive and pale. It was a little scary, actually.

Almost immediately, he started to look better. After a little while, he was up and crawling around, getting into everything that he could. It was heartening: in a very short order, he got more color in his face and became more responsive and engaged. I felt better quickly because he was improving.

We were there for around four hours of him getting fluids. He finally napped around 2, and my wife arrived soon after. We brought him home - she stopped off at Shop Rite to pick up some dinner and I took him home and we napped for an hour or so.

The nurses & doctors told us that he had a stomach virus of some type which, when combined with the chemotherapy, caused dehydration. He's not supposed to eat anything until tomorrow morning. That'll be a neat trick, but we'll manage. He can still nurse. I'm glad that this one was not too serious, but it was still really scary.

As my wife put it, it's been a relatively easy ride for him so far. We'd hoped that we could avoid the nasty side effects, but we're not THAT lucky. I'm also glad that my colleagues are supportive and understanding and able to help us out as much as they did. Thanks to all of them. My father and my sister-in-law came by for a long time today, and that was helpful. I'd rather the family watch him when I have to go pee than others, you know?

I think I'm finally coming down with the cold that The Boy's been fighting. My throat is just sore right now, as opposed to tired (and I only taught two and a half periods today!), and I'm really, really, really worn out. Then again, stress and fatigue will do that to you. Plus, I haven't eaten anything today - egg and bagel for breakfast, then assorted crap (a donut, 3/4 of a bagel, some pudding, granola bar) at the center until we just had dinner a half hour ago.

Tonight will be an early to bed night. There's marching band rehearsal and a football game tomorrow, so it'll be a long (roughly 10 to 8) day.

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Sarah R said...

Oh no. Poor Boy! I'm glad the fluids helped.