Friday, September 26, 2008

He's just a big guy...

One of the duties in which I've been remiss has been outlining a couple of the cool things that The Boy has been doing lately. As with many, I can get so wrapped up in the cancer thing that I forget all of the other cool, joyous things that occur on a daily basis.

The Boy has figured out that you can put stuff inside other stuff. For instance, he's discovered the hollow arm of the easy chair, which is where we keep the remote controls. Recently, he's started pulling the remote controls out of the hollow arm and putting his toys - usually little plastic shapes from one of his stacky-things - in the arm. He will then take the remote controls and put them inside his little wagon-thing.

He's also discovered that it is possible to put things on top of tables. He took a couple of remotes today and put them on the lip of the TV stand - I wonder if that means that he understands that, usually, those remotes control something on the television? More than likely, it was just an excuse for him to get within reaching distance of the television set.

He's also tall enough to pull the bathroom drawers out and look inside them. He can't quite reach the stuff inside, but he's close.

He's also figured out the whole button-pushing thing. He's got a Sesame Street thing, which has buttons that, when pushed, release the characters with a cute song. He's mastered the Cookie Monster part and gets the Elmo part regularly. He hasn't quite figured out the Oscar the Grouch part, because he doesn't have the twisting thing down correctly. Ms. R tells us that he's figured out all of the "Pop-Up Pals" buttons on the toy at her house. Plus, on his "laptop," he actually will push a few buttons before he pulls the thing closed. He understands that they do stuff and make noises!

Today had the potential to be a horrendous day for me. I lost my voice late last night at choir rehearsal, and I had a full teaching day and marching rehearsal today, before a football game tomorrow & big choir day on Sunday. I've also been feeling a little under the weather for the past week - stress, lack of sleep, funky eating habits and being around the germ factories masquerading as children have finally caught up to me. Early in the morning, The Boy had a HUGE poo - like, right up to the edge of the diapers-sized, "I'm a pound lighter" sized poop. I dropped him off at the babysitter's house, and - just as I was pulling into the school's parking lot - I noticed a big poo stain on the sleeve of my shirt.

You know what? Once you've been pooped on, the problems of the day don't seem so bad.

I washed my sleeve off the best I could, and had a great day teaching with a "vocal rest" plan that I shared with the kids. Every class was productive, and marching band went well (disclaimer: I did go home early to help with The Boy). I should start the day getting pooped on more often...

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