Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lazy Saturday...

My marching band doesn't have an indoor rehearsal site - particularly on weekends - so I got home about four hours earlier than expected today. It's a little disappointing, frankly - the group was working very well and with reasonable efficiency, so I would have preferred to keep playing. Whatever - it's tropical storm Hanna's day.

Don't really have that much to say today, frankly, but I'll say it anyway. Chemo went well yesterday - my father met my in-laws at the hospital for The Boy's day. His counts were good, he received all his medication, and he peed orange/red for the rest of the day. He slept for most of the afternoon and fell asleep around nine o'clock at night, while The Wife and I were watching a few episodes of House. He slept through night remarkably well, considering that we had to change his diaper every two hours. As a matter of fact, the only diaper change that woke him was the 7AM one!

He's now "helping" my wife fold his diapers. Specifically, she's piled the various diaper parts around her on the couch. He's taken them off of the counch, one by one, and thrown them on the floor. Now he's turned his attention to the pile of folded diapers and has busied himself moving that pile to a new (messier) pile a few feet away. Silly baby.

Yesterday evening, he learned a new trick. He got, from the nurses at the Valerie Fund Center, a really cool toy for his birthday: a little "tool case" with a plastic hammer. You put the plastic shapes in the appropriate holes, then "hammer" them home. He has loved pushing the shapes down with his hands - this creates a pleasing set of noises and lights from the toy. Yesterday, he finally whacked them with the hammer to get them through! It was really cool.

On the "uh-oh!" side of things, he figured out that the arm of the new armchair lifts up, revealing four remotes (TV, TiVo, Cable, DVD) and two Playstation 3 controllers - in other words, a new toy box. Sigh. Not a problem when one of us is in the chair and holds the arm down easily, but... most of the time, we're sitting on the floor with him.

Michigan just beat Miami of Ohio. I think we're going to drive to the comic book store and then to the mall, to walk around. When we get home tonight, I'm going to clean the bathroom and vaccuum the upstairs - maybe even straighten up the guest room (my in-laws left yesterday after the chemo - and, boy, we miss them already). Got to go, because The Boy has decided that he wants to read today's junk mail.

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