Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Taking the temperature...

So, The Boy has now made it a habit: when he's strapped in his high chair, he begins choking, coughing and vomiting. Fortunately, it's usually before the food comes. Not that that makes a difference, as he's eating an extremely small amount in any meal. This morning at breakfast, he had - maybe - two bites of his eggs and a sniff at some waffle.

He's been whiny and miserable over the last day or two. I left school at lunchtime today because Ms. R, our babysitter, didn't have a decent thermometer to measure his temperature; she wanted to give him some baby Tylenol. It's okay, as long as his temperature is measured first. We don't want the Tylenol to treat a fever that's sprung up because of an infection! That would be Bad. Anyway, I ran home, got the thermometer and spent some time with them. His temperature was a little high - 97.9 under the arm, which means around 98.9 or 99 normally. That's high for him - usually, he's in my range - low 97's. (I run a very low temperature - 97.1, usually, and I >>NEVER<< get a fever. I mean, if my temperature goes to 98, I'm at the doctor's office.)

I gave him the Tylenol and some snuggles (Daddy works when Mommy's not around, although he did call "Mama - mama" a couple of times. I'm interpreting that as "I need comfort" more than "I need my Mommy"). It SUCKS to have to come back to work. The poor kid needs Mommy & Daddy time more than my 9th period band class needs me. Well, my wife will be there in another hour, so it's not THAT big of a deal. Still, it really hurts to drive away and leave him behind.

I suppose I'll get used to it, but I can't imagine being happy about it.

Chemo is starting to take root. I see why week 11 has no medication - this could get really, really bad if his body isn't given a break. Our stress levels, right now, are through the roof, because our baby is in pain and is unhappy and there's not a damn thing that we can do about it.

Cancer really sucks, you know?

This is a tough time. We'll get through it, and it'll just be a story we tell to annoy him at family holidays in the future. His brothers and sisters will be entertained by the scars. I just wish it didn't have to happen.

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