Thursday, September 4, 2008

You put your left hand in...

This has been a real whirlwind couple of days in our lives. I mean, big time! Besides the fact that The Boy has his top two molars coming in, things have been... well... weird.

On Tuesday, The Wife called down to Philadelphia to set up an appointment with Dr. Doolan. His secretary was not in - didn't get back from her vacation until later in the week. The covering secretary said something along the lines of, "What surgery? There's no surgery this week. I don't know who told you that, but it's wrong. There's no surgery." Ummm... okay. What?

Making a long story short, The Wife had an appointment at 11AM down in Philadelphia for an examination, but no surgery. The Boy would not be checked into the hospital at that point, and the surgery would not be on Thursday. And, Tuesday afternoon (because they didn't tell us this earlier), we had to arrange for the CD with the radiology report and all other documentation to be over-nighted to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia from St. Barnabas so the doctor had the new info. After all that, the appointment then got changed from 11AM to 2:30PM. Whatever.

The Wife & The Boy & Grandma drove down together. The doctor - who was, points in his favor, very well-versed with The Boy's specifics - examined The Boy. He told them that the tumor that was removed was not entirely malignant stuff - some of it was benign tissue. Remember how the cells could turn into tumor or kidney? Some of it was just benign growth of extra cells. Anyway, he also said that the other tumor was not responding to chemo like Wilms Tumors typically do - this one was swiss-cheesing, but not actually shrinking. This leads him to believe that the most likely scenario is that the second tumor is (pretty much) benign mass and not malignant tumor. It still needs to be removed, but it's not as worrisome.

Of course, there's the (small) probability that the tumor is just really, really vicious and doesn't respond to chemo because it needs harsher measures. I'm not allowing my mind to drift there.

The Boy will go through one more cycle of chemo, then a CT Scan and an MRI. The MRI will tell Dr. Doolan whether or not the tumor is benign or malignant better than the CT, although the CT is necessary because it shows how the tumor has grown / shrunk since the original CT scan back at the end of June. This means that four more weeks - including tomorrow - of chemo, followed by one week to let week 13 to take effect, then testing.

There is good news, though: after week 10, The Boy does not receive meds during each chemo visit. Some weeks (like weeks 11 & 14) there is only testing and no drugs. That's good news, because it means that Diaper Hell doesn't have to happen every week. Let's hope.

Work is fine, although it hurts like hell to drop the boy off at the babysitters' each morning. Ms. Randi is really, really nice and experienced, but it's hard to leave him alone - even if I'm irritated at him like I was this morning, for waking me up at 5AM.

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