Thursday, October 2, 2008

Craptacular Afternoon

Well, things went from bad to worse.

After I posted my blog, I got a telephone call stating that The Boy had lost his lunch again, and the babysitter wasn't able to get ahold of The Wife at work. (Not surprising - it's really, really difficult to find a teacher at school unless you call the main office and have an emergency page sent out, which doesn't help anybody most of the time.) The Wife called about 45 minutes later, letting me know that she was checking him in to the Valerie Fund Center. I skipped out on marching band (calling first, thankyouverymuch) and joined her for the trip.

We arrived at 3:55 and were ushered into the pediatric emergency room. They hooked him up to IV fluids (the nurse there was very, very good at getting the port accessed - she did it a lot better than some of the nurses at the VF Center, who do it all the time) and zofran and left us alone.

At 5:00 the night shift checked in. Boy, did they scrape the bottom of the barrel for the Thursday night shift.

Basically, making five hours of hospital time into one paragraph of material, they ignored us. I know that we weren't a life-threatening case - The Boy was not going to die immediately - but we were, frankly, ignored. The results of the tests had been in for over an hour before I finally flagged a nurse down at the front desk for information. (Side note: The Boy pushed the nurse call button while playing at around 6:45. No nurse came in until after 8:30.)

They are checking The Boy into the hospital overnight to receive fluids. He is throwing up everything that he swallows - he even uked up a cracker and some apple juice! They want to pump him full of fluid and zofran to give his stomach a rest. The Wife is going to spend the night and the day with him. I'm assuming I'm going to school - I'm at least going in for jazz band auditions, and I'll play the rest of the day by ear. If I have to leave, I'm leaving. I've been given carte blanche (mostly) to do that.

Well, my computer just crashed. Thankfully for autosave... anyway, it's 11:15PM. I'm leaving now to take The Wife clothes, the air bed, the booby pump, some books and some snacks. Then, I'll be home at around 12:30 to go to sleep, after I take the garbage out.

Man. This just sucks.

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Sarah R said...

I am so sorry to hear this! The poor boy. I wish there was something I could do to make him feel better!

I continue to pray for you, the boy, and mommy, that you can get through this all. I saw you're at the half-way point for chemo. I hope things get better real soon! Hugs and prayers..........SR