Monday, October 27, 2008

Forever Breakfast

My mother-in-law has Sesame Street playing on the television - something that we don't watch, because it makes SO MUCH more sense (sarcasm on) to have our kid watch Buffy, Scrubs, House & my sci-fi shows (I draw the line at The Shield) rather than children's television. He's eating as slowly as I can imagine someone eating, which means that I have no idea when I'm getting out of the house this morning.


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Mama B said...

I know this feeling so well! My son, who was also BLW, has developed a habit of eating Cheerios one at a time. Sometimes he pulls them out of his mouth, looks at them and puts them back in again. One bowl can take an hour, and he will not let me clear up until he has eaten every last one. Sometimes I long to be able to spoon in a big bowl of porridge quickly, but we wont have any of it!

I hope your day got better.