Thursday, October 2, 2008


Just when we thought we were over this whole cold / viral illness thing, here we go again. Yesterday was not fun.

The Wife stayed home from religious services yesterday - something she did very reluctantly. Growing up Christian, I kind of liken Rosh Hoshanah / Yom Kippur / Passover to Christmas and Easter. Even if you didn't go to church, you still went on Christmas and Easter. Rosh Hoshanah is sort of like that. Plus, it's the only Jewish holiday whose story is NOT, "These people tried to kill us... they failed... let's eat." So, she likes to go to services on these days in particular. The Boy was feverish, clingy and not feeling well, so she stayed home.

It's very frustrating, because - in a wierd sense - I almost wish he was sicker. This cold, like the last, is turning out to be an extreme annoyance and inconvenience and frustration, but not something that can be helped medically. If he was sicker, we could take him in to the Valerie Fund Center and get some medicine, or fluids, or blood, or whatever. He isn't, so we can't. We call and talk to the doctors, and they us, "He's got a cold. Call us back if he fever goes above 99.4 below the arm." It's hovering right around 98.6 to 99.1, which is in the "safe but sick" zone. He spent this morning spewing out of both ends - top and bottom - but there's nothing that can be seriously done about it.

It hurts, to be honest. I find it very difficult to concentrate on work, housework, marching band, singing, ANYTHING other than my sick baby. I know that these little colds are part of growing up, but it feels worse when I know that my little dude has no immune system with which to fight the infections. What should be a 24 hour cold turns into a week or two week's worth of suffering for him.

Man. I had two days off from school and feel more tired than I did before I left school on Monday. Yesterday was just brutal, and Monday - with six hours spent in the hospital - was just as bad, if not worse.

Thankfully, I got some of the housework done yesterday. I spent a solid two hours stripping out and cleaning the kitchen and dining room, then some more time straightening up, putting clothes away and doing the basic yard work - a little bit of weeding (before the weeds finish organizing their strategic defense force, which was starting to make motions in the UN about annexing my house), mowing the lawn and trimming the rose bushes. My wife did the upstairs bathroom and folded the laundry.

Man, I'm ready for the weekend already.

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