Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Fun Weekend...

On Friday, I took time from the marching band to pick The Boy up from school, as Grandma was waiting for The Wife at the airport. My friend Dan came by with a great Shabbat dinner for us; he and his girlfriend ate with us, and we had a wonderful, fun and entertaining evening: a nice meal (we polished off the whole cinnamon bobka loaf) followed by some fun Rock Band playing.

Saturday, we went to the comic book store together (The Boy and I), which is always fun. He likes taking the "New This Week" signs off of the wall and crawl around with them. Afterwards, we went back home and napped together. Saturday night, The Wife and I had a nice, romantic evening together.

No details. A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.

We got home, and The Boy proceeded to wake up from his sleep and play for about three hours. Finally, The Wife fell asleep as I took the baby into the living room, and he proceeded to throw up on me, which woke everyone else up with me filling the swear jar with some extra coins. Whatever. All was soon resolved (it really is helpful to have a third set of hands).

Today, we dressed him in his monkey costume for the Halloween parade in Westfield. He marched with me and the band, and he really enjoyed being dressed up and seeing all of the other children in costumes. Afterwards, he, my wife and her mother came to my marching band competition (not such a great hit by the band, although they did march extremely well) and then we went to dinner with Aunt L and Uncle B.

If you were to look at him tonight, and to watch him playing at home, you would think he was the happiest baby on the planet. He is smiling and laughing and playing and having a great time. He was such a giggle man all night tonight, spending a solid twenty minutes laughing and giggling with Uncle B and I.

All in all, an extremely interesting day and an interesting weekend. I'm starting to get nervous about Thursday; time continues its inevitable and unpreventable march.

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Sarah said...

the swear jar- hahah- brings back memories!