Sunday, October 12, 2008

Home again, home again...

On my way downstairs to get changed into choral robes for church this morning, I got a welcome text message from my wife: "We're going home today!" Quite exciting news! After mass, I went to the hospital, we loaded the car, and came home.

One more change about the surgery: it's not necessarily happening this week. For whatever reason, he was taken off of the fast track surgery list. His blood numbers were very good today (thank you, Nupagin - the drug that supercharges the bone marrow!), and they want to see if his body can resume manufacturing white and red blood cells. They will test him on Tuesday for blood numbers and a few other tests - something involving his liver and a few other things. My mother-in-law recorded it, and I haven't listened to it yet. After the tests on Tuesday, if they reveal whatever they're looking for, then they might tell us when the surgery will occur.

That's the frustrating part. I know that they're not jerking us around intentionally, but that's what it feels like. First the surgery was going to be in August, then in the first week of September, then the next couple of weeks, then the end of September, then the beginning of October, now later in October. I understand that they're being cautious, and I understand and appreciate that they are taking their time to make sure that they're doing the right thing for The Boy. It's just frustrating as hell to have to keep putting my / our life (-ves) on hold for some mythical surgery that will allegedly happen soon.

But, basically, it was a good thing that his numbers improved. If they didn't, they would have sent us down to Philadelphia and waited for him to recover there - and then done the surgery soon thereafter. Which means that, instead of having him at home (and being able to go to work and to chorus and have a life), we would have been stuck in Philadelphia for an indefinite time period.

He's been relatively normal so far today. He crawled around and played once we get home, then the two of us napped for a little while together. (He flopped across my belly and fell asleep. When we both changed position, he flopped across the small of my back and fell back asleep.) He woke up when Uncle B and Aunt L came over for dinner. He's been a little sleepy and a little cranky through most of the rest of the afternoon so far. The concerning thing is that he's feeling a little warm. I'm not taking his temperature right now, because I don't want to know. If I have to go into the hospital again tonight, I'm going to throttle somebody.

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