Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Information Blackout...

The oncologist told us that his counts were okay - hemoglobin & white cells & nutraphils were good, platelets low but still okay - and that she thought that The Boy should go in for surgery. She had put in a call to Dr. Doolan, who was in surgery or something and didn't return it last night.

So, today, we wait to find out what's going. It could be anything from "bring him down this afternoon, surgery tomorrow morning" to "bring him down tomorrow morning for pre-surgical checkup and tests, surgery Friday morning - BTW, find a place to stay Thursday night" to "one more round of chemo, wait ten days, do another CT scan, then we'll talk about when surgery is."

If it's the third, you'll hear a nuclear explosion coming from the Union County area. That would be my head exploding from the waiting.

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Shay said...

I'm sorry waiting can be the worst.