Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Gnus is Good Gnus

(Bonus points for catching the reference. Think early '80s children's programming. It will be identified at the end of the post.)

Nothing back yet in regards to the biopsy. We have spoken with our doctors as recently as 6PM tonight, and we haven't heard back. My expectation is that we'll hear something tomorrow around lunchtime, more or less. These pathology reports take time, and I'd rather they were careful than fast.

Not that I want to wait forever, mind. But two days is a reasonable length. Three days is reasonable, but not preferable.

The Wife, The Boy and my father got home around noon. I stayed home from school because, when I awoke, I could not talk or sit up, from a bad throat and a bad back, respectively. Discretion being the better part of valor - and, considering that I haven't taken one sick day for ME all year, which - considering it's the last two weeks of the marching season - is really pretty good - I stayed home to rest. We rested together for an hour-ish when the van arrived for The Boy's chemo. Foolishly, I decided to go with them. Should have stayed home - I need the rest.

Chemo went smoothly. The blood numbers were fine - lower than before the biopsy, but those hemoglobin counts were inflated because The Boy's blood was artificially thickened by not having drank anything for hours beforehand, then the post-biopsy numbers were depressed because of the IV fluids he had received. He's on the doxorubicin and the vincristine, which means red pee. Hooray, Diaper Hell night.

We were done with chemo around 3:30. Which was great, except that the van driver's day ended at 3. One thing ran into another - The Boy was asleep, so we won't call for the van yet; the driver would be there before five; he was on his way; he'll be there between 5 and 5:30; they can't get access to a car seat; he's on his way; there's an issue with the car seat; he's on his way; and finally he walks through the door at 6:15.

Keep in mind, by the way, that my wife had a total of about three hours' sleep the previous night, as had The Boy. I slept more than they did, but my mood was improved by the fact that I hadn't eaten since breakfast.

If I had stayed home, I would have come to get them at 4, and we all would have been home at 5. I would have been better rested, with my back being a good deal more relaxed. Whatever.

Long week/end. Jazz Band, school, Marching Band, Church Choir tomorrow - 7AM leaving home, 10:15PM arriving back. I might skip out on marching band. Friday - school, marching band. Saturday - away game at Irvington. Hooray. Talk about cesspools - Irvington is the boil on the rear end that is New Jersey. Sunday - church, Halloween Parade in town (The Boy will wear his costume, because he's going to be in the PICU on Halloween), NJ State Championships in Sayreville, dinner with Aunt L & Uncle B, home to collapse.

Pending, of course, the results of the tests. Everything is up in the air at this point, although my understanding is that the date of the surgery will likely not change.

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