Thursday, October 16, 2008

Passing the Ball...

So, I got home last night at 6:30 from marching band, with no word from the doctors, and really, really ticked off about it. Again - don't get me wrong. I don't mind them taking the time to seriously study the problem before the surgery - I'd rather that then a cavalier "let's open 'im up and root around for a while" attitude. But, still - I have a lot of balls in the air right now. I've got school (and a new job at that), marching band, the barbershop chorus, the church choir, some private lessons, a school jazz band AND my math degree to consider as I plan my time. Championships are in three weeks for marching band, and my concert is five weeks after that. My barbershop chorus is performing on the 23rd of November, and my church choir has an evensong (big choir thing) on the 3rd of November. Not to mention the always-fun planning of the holidays...

But, I digress.

The Boy joined me at marching band practice at 5:15 because The Wife had parent-teacher conferences. He had an okay time at the rehearsal, watching the marching and listening to the playing, wincing at wrong notes and - inevitably - drawing his eyes to the marchers who were severely out of step (because they're different, and that's what draws the eye). We got home and he yelled at me because he was hungry. He had steak and noodles for dinner. His appetite is obviously back - he worked his way through half a serving (about an ounce and a half) of steak and a full serving (4 oz) of noodles with tomato sauce. To be fair, half of the tomato sauce ended up on his face, arms and hands, so subtract those calories.

After dinner and clean-up, he was still fussy, so we snuggled on the easy chair until we both fell asleep around 8:15, while watching the baseball game. The phone rang at 9:00, right when The Wife came home from conferences. It was Dr. Rifkin, who let us know that she still didn't know anything. Dr. Comcast has decided to take the matter before the entire Tumor Committee at CHoP to get their advice.

That's a big deal, I gather. Those people are pretty hefty medical minds with a lot of experience dealing with Wilms Tumors and with partial kidney resections. They are mystified by the growth in the left side of The Boy's body, where the prior surgery was, and they want to get a handle on what the growth is or might be before they cut him open. We definitely appreciate that.

The over/under for hearing anything from Philly is 4PM. My guess? Bring him for exams and scans in Philly tomorrow (Friday) morning, with the surgery happening on Monday or Tuesday. With every hour that passes (it's currently 1:37PM), the probability that he'll undergo the surgery tomorrow decreases. I think there's about a 10% chance that they tell us to go one more cycle of chemo, then a CT scan 10 days from then and THEN the surgery will be schedule. That is a higher probability than yesterday - again, all probabilities are my own guesstimates.

I picked the "over," anyway. I think that we're not going to hear anything until after 6PM.

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