Monday, October 20, 2008

The response from CHOP

"I am truly sorry that you had such a negative experience when pursuing
care with our institution for your son, [The Boy]. It was upsetting to see
how this mis-communication of information affected your family- and we
do care about every family receiving family centered care that results
in an ideal patient experience. It is obvious, this was not the case
for your family, and for that I apologize.

Although I cannot reverse the series of events that caused this current
situation, I can certainly bring attention to them. I will begin the
process of identifying the key leadership who need to see your concern
and work to prevent a similar occurrence, for you and other families, as
well as an apology with more weight to it than mine.
Thank you for your patience with this process, and for taking the time
to highlight a process that needs attention."

I also had a twenty-minute conversation with one of the secretaries / nurses (not sure which) in Dr. Comcast's office. Basically - he's a surgical jock and doesn't relate to people well, nor does he have the longest memory when it comes to non-surgical things. He just forgot. (Reassuring, isn't it?) I told the lady that I was extremely disappointed and felt lied to (basically, what I said in the e-mail), and she told me that she was embarrassed for the hospital.

Good. They should be.

We're going to go through with the biopsy tomorrow. Afterwards, we'll see what happens. I'm going to ask The Wife to seriously evaluate the care that we receive. Dr. Rifkin told me that, while CHOP deserves their reputation, she has other people in New York that she could send us if we want, or they could do the surgery at St. Barnabas. I don't know if we're going to make a change, but it's reassuring to know that we can.

I've dealt with enough musicians who are amazing players but have no interpersonal skills, and that's how I'm starting to view Dr. Comcast. That would be seriously LESS annoying if I thought that we'd get out of CHOP owing less than $5000 to the hospital - not counting my lost wages due to the lack of family illness days.

Frustrating. I'm still cheesed off - SERIOUSLY cheesed off - but less homicidal than usual. I made darn sure, during my telephone call this morning, to emphasize the fact that they had BETTER be doing the procedure tomorrow.

Particularly since they've dragged their feet for so long that we don't have the opportunity for a second opinion or to move the surgery.

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