Friday, October 3, 2008

They're home. They got a lift from the Valerie Fund Center shuttle and arrived home around 2:45 or 3:00.

They unhooked his IV around 1-ish and observed him for another hour before they left. The doctor told us that the CT Scan would proceed as planned on Tuesday morning (at the buttcrack of dawn), with the surgery happening on the following week (around the 13th or so).

Basically, we need to be more concerned if the sickness persists past a day or two. Make sure he drinks fluids, is eating and that sort of thing. The coughing can't be helped, really. Pediatric cough medicines don't do anything except drug the kids.

I've stopped home to say hi and to distribute hugs before heading back to marching band practice. The Boy seems... well... normal. He's trying to play with every single toy that he left at home, and he's frantically crawling around the house, exploring everything. I don't blame him: the hospital room is extremely confining, and we don't want to let him crawl around on hospital floors if at all possible, particularly with a depressed immune system.

Wow. We are tired. Not cool. Looks like we'll all be in bed around 7:30 tonight.

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