Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Waiting Game, part 23...

So, apparently Dr. Comcast is actually going to grace us with a display of his mad skills this morning. The Wife and my father are in Philadelphia as I type this, checking in to the 3rd floor outpatient surgery area. I'm in school, wasting time during my prep period, mostly because I spent two hours last night doing school work at home and thus have earned fifteen minutes of procrastination.

I'm nervous.

1) The growth in his left side is an infection that requires serious treatment. This could mean the installation of a drain tube into his side while they treat the infection with IV antibiotics, resulting in a hospital stay of indeterminate length. This could mean that The Boy will just be treated with antibiotics with no drain tube, which could mean a short hospital stay or an at-home treatment.

2) The growth in his left side was an infection that was eradicated by the strong antibiotics that The Boy received in the hospital last week. The infection grew during a time when he had no immune system and was sick - that was a bad two weeks, incidentally. The Boy received some pretty tough antibiotics. This means that he comes home today, no muss, no fuss.

3) The growth in his left side is an infection that requires surgical intervention. Not likely, and this would likely cause a longer hospital stay.

4) The growth in his left side is a tumor. Not likely, considering how quickly it grew and that it grew while The Boy was in the middle of chemotherapy. This would mean that his chemotherapy would increase in intensity, with the addition of at least one more drug to the regimen. It could also mean the treatment would be extended in duration, with the possible addition of radiation depending on the type of tumor found. It could mean emergency surgery as well. This is worst-case scenario.

5) The growth in his left side is a second spleen. Not likely, but this is the safest alternative. No intervention of any sort is required, and The Boy will come home today.

The time frame - they are done with registration now at 9:20AM. They go from here to a 10:30 biopsy in a CT scanner. The biopsy will be done around noon, and the results should be reported between 2 and 4 o'clock.

If it's something serious, I might head down after school. I might head down tomorrow morning, or tomorrow after lunch. Or, I might not go down at all, but I'll take The Boy to chemotherapy on Wednesday afternoon.

I hate not knowing, but this is a heck of a lot better than the limbo-status that Dr. Comcast has had us in.

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the mol said...

it is now 11:20 and we still haven't been taken in for the procedure. Still waiting. And waiting. We were in on time but I think that part of the delay is with the blood counts.

They have pretty good port access dressings here. They even come with a little tab to write on, for extended stays.

The Boy is sleeping on my lap. Fortunately we have wireless here.