Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Waiting Game...

The appointment is today. While I'm hoping thing will be different, I'm a little bit anxious about what's going to happen. I'm concerned about his blood counts - he's been off of the nupagen (the stuff that kick-starts the bone marrow) since Sunday, so most of the nutraphils (the white blood cells that actually work) in his body now are ones that he's made. I want things to be better, and I'm afraid that they're not. Do I have a rational basis for this fear? No, other than the fact that The Boy's temperature has been hovering around 98.2 instead of retreating to its customary 97.6.

I'm also concerned about the surgery date. I blogged before about how I feel like we're being tossed around, unintentionally or not. I feel like anything could happen, from "we're leaving for Philadelphia after dinner for an 8PM checkin for the surgery in the morning" to "we're waiting on the surgery - next week is week 15, then we'll do another CT scan ten days later and then talk about when the surgery is going to be."


Time will tell. My wife isn't answering her telephone (darn you, electronic leash!), so I don't know exactly when the appointment is.

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