Sunday, October 5, 2008

What's Happening, eh?

So, Friday night, we all fell asleep around 9 or 9:30 and slept through until 8:30 the following morning. The Boy and The Wife came and ate lunch with me at the football game, which was lots of fun - he climbed all the way up the steps of the bleachers by himself, which was cool to watch. Last night, we got some good playing in after the football game - The Boy has now mastered the trick of reaching inside the silverware drawer and grabbing stuff. While this is a neat trick, it's not something that we want to encourage right now.

Today, as my wife put it, was a "pukey day." We gave him his anti-nausea meds at the appropriate times today, but it didn't help. Two of his throw-ups were just him bringing up (and spitting out) mucous or phlegm - the remnants of his cold, we assume. The other two times were bringing up food. This essentially means that, likely, he's gone another day without eating.

Okay, one of the times was likely my fault. We went to "Our Town Day," which is down at the end of our block. They cordon off the street and put up bouncy rides for the kids and have booths with crafts and yummies and other junk. It's lots of fun! I bought some zeppoles, because the fried dough levels in my bloodstream were far lower than they should be. I gave The Boy a bite of one of the zeppoles, and he puked. Fried foods are probably not what he needs right now. Lesson learned.

Anyway. The CT Scan is on Tuesday. The surgery might be next week.

The Wife is starting the procedure to find out how to take advantage of family leave. We're talking about her taking November, December and January off - essentially the end of The Boy's treatment. We figure that, if one of us is taking a day off every week due to sickness or doctor's appointments, then it's likely fairer to our colleagues if one of us is just home.

I'll have to pick up more lessons, similar to what I did last year - but not too many more lessons, because I'm making more money than The Wife did last year.

Oh, boy - more 60 hour weeks, post-marching band. Still, it does mean that we'll get more family-baby time. Plus, while our babysitter is awesome, The Boy will be better off with Mommy than with anyone else (with the possible exception of Daddy, but that's a discussion for another day).

The in-laws are coming this weekend and will likely stay through the surgery - assuming that it's next week, as anticipated. More than likely, the surgery will be late in the week or in the following week, because hospitals do not move quickly on non-emergencies. (REALLY quickly on emergencies, which this - fotunately - isn't.)

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