Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

Surgery Tuesday, depending on The Boy's counts on Monday.

I guess I might not unpack the big suitcase after all. Although, in the reverse-psychology method of dealing with life's superstitions, I probably should. That would ensure that the surgery happened on Tuesday.

One does not change ANYthing when the team is in the middle of a rally, after all. For instance, the reason that the Yankees haven't won the world series since 2000 is because I got rid of the Lucky Yankees Chair when I moved back to New Jersey from Ann Arbor.


Edward Ott said...

so you're the reason the yankees lost.

Musical Daddy said...

As I bow my head in shame, I admit my complicity. Who knew that losing my chair would mean a crappy pitching staff and no minor league system? 8)

Sarah R said...

That's voting day! Better go absentee now, eh?

Hopefully everything works out as far as the counts go. I'll be thinking good thoughts for that beautiful Boy of yours!

Musical Daddy said...

It's actually too late for an absentee ballot. If the polls around here don't open by 6:30AM, we're pretty well boned. I'm not worried about Obama carrying New Jersey; just worried about him getting the popular vote in the redneck areas.

the mol said...

I think my mom still went to get an emergency absentee ballot. In Pennsylvania, you don't want to risk it.

And besides, who said you have to win the popular vote in order to win the election?