Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chubby Cheeks...

Today, in particular, I noticed that The Boy's face is becoming rounder and chubbier, almost as if he was a baby or something. It's really nice to see him start to fatten up again! Lord knows that he's been eating enough - yesterday for breakfast, for instance, he had an egg with ketchup and an entire challah dinner roll (less a few bites for Musical Daddy, to keep him interested). Plus juice and his medicines, which - come to think of it - I don't think we gave him this morning.


Aunt C is in town for the weekend. This afternoon - in about a half hour, actually - we're meeting Uncle B & Aunt L up in West Orange, along with some other high school friends of ours, to go see the new James Bond flick. Afterwards, Aunt C is bringing The Boy up, and we're going to go to dinner at the nearby Friday's. When we get home, I'm going to get out some Christmas stuff for my chorus show tomorrow (specifically some hats, and probably some lights so I can get started on that this week), write some thank-you notes (finally) and hunt down some music so I can do the "Roosevelt Idol" film for some kids tomorrow - I'm going to sing "That's Life", as performed by Frank Sinatra.

Hey, I ain't Sinatra, and it won't win me the competition (likely), but one goes with one's strengths. I'm sure their "Simon" won't be able to kvetch too much.

This morning, we woke up late and went to a late breakfast at the diner, with Aunt C. The Boy ate his weight in eggs, potatoes and french toast, even though he didn't like the french toast (freedom toast?) until I added the sugar-syrup. (The only thing I don't like about the diner: I want real syrup. Not the Smuckers brand high fructose corn syrup crap.) We got home and screwed around for a while. The Boy wore out The Wife, who is asleep. I left TB with Aunt Carla and lifted weights and am blogging as I wait for my iPod to sync.

I like this nice, boring time. Tomorrow will be fun - church, then Dapper Dans show, then sale at the comic book store. Then, housecleaning. Monday tells us when our life gets interesting.

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