Wednesday, November 5, 2008

deepest, darkest night...

it is now 3:10am, and I am more awake than I could be. The Boy alternates a half hour or so of sleep with ten minutes of fussing and screaming. The cycle then repeats. The hardest part? Standing next to the bed as he screams in pain, waiting for the Pain Team to approve more medicine for him. Most of the time, he is soothed by seeing me near him and holding my hand. Sometimes, he isn't. He puked up a big chunk of mucous, which was exciting.

I wouldn't wish this on anyone. This just sucks. No way should he have to suffer like this. It is wrong on every level. Thank G-d my wife is sleeping.

The nurses have been okay - very nice to us. The resident is - well - a resident. We were all young, slow and stupid at one point. I hope they get here with his new meds soon. Watching him scream until he passes out isn't as much fun as it sounds. Matter of fact, it pretty well blows.

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nancy said...

A zillion ~hugs~ and tons of healthy vibes coming your way for the boy.