Friday, November 21, 2008

Evacuation Drill

Evacuation Drill in twelve minutes. This is federally mandated, that every school practice this once per school year. Sigh. Always during my prep, and this'll run over into my 8th grade band rehearsal. They really need the practice, because the concert is roaring towards us like a freight train.

I'm concerned about the whole chemo thing. The Boy is used to sleeping with and on us - it is normal to find him sleeping at a 90-degree angle to the two of us, with his head and chest on one parent (usually, but not always Mommy) and his feet on the other. He likes to snuggle like that, you know? But, when he's on the chemotherapy, it's not safe for us to have him sleeping on us. If he pees, and the liquid settles on our clothes for hours, the chemicals can hurt us, particularly The Wife, for reasons that will be explained later. We're going to have to train him to sleep by himself for his time in the hospital.

...and that REALLY pisses me off. One of the greatest joys that I've ever had in my LIFE has been sleeping and snuggling with that baby. I love, more than practically anything I've ever done, napping with him and sleeping with him.

Look at this cost: buying a toddler bed for him. The sleepless nights that it will take for him to adjust to the new bed. The realization that, in order to be consistent, all of his sleeping is going to have to be in the new bed and not with us. The loss of the true joy and pleasure of snuggling a sleepy baby while we fall asleep.

Frakking cancer. Stealing one more thing from us.


mlgbears31 said...

I "know" your wife from WebMD. Just want to wish you the best through all this. His sleeping alone isn't what you want, but you have to do what is safe. David needs a healthy mom & dad to get him throught this and sleeping in his own bed is the best way to ensure this, especially for Molly. Many prayers headed your way.

Ches said...

It sounds like congratulations are in order, though hard to celebrate in the face all the trials of The Boy's treatment.

I wouldn't feel too pressured to be consistent with sleeping arrangements. The older they get, the more they understand and it sounds like The Boy is quite adaptable. There are also Ways Of Doing Things, like a waterproof sheet between The Boy and The Parents. You'll figure it out.