Thursday, November 20, 2008


So, The Wife is leaving her job at the end of December so that we can better care for The Boy. This is extremely disappointing to us, because her job is a great job for her (teaching orchestra) and one of the better places for orchestra in the state of New Jersey. She's been there for five years and really invested a lot of herself in her work. Plus, she hasn't been such a homebody during her time: she gets bored at home fairly easily. It's inevitable that she stays home, considering the status of The Boy's illness and considering some new family news that we'll announce next week.

This is, of course, scary as crap, considering the nature of the economy. On one salary, we need to pay an excessively large mortgage and all of our bills. Ugh. Thankfully, my salary is quite a bit higher than my wife's was last year, and my marching band and jazz band stipends are higher than they were. Basically, if all things remain equal, we'll be okay as long as I hold on to the Dapper Dans and the church gig. I'll pick up a lesson or two for some spending (comic book) money.

There goes my iPhone. Sigh.

The treatment plan goes like this: The Boy will be checked into the hospital and started on fluids, diuretics and antibiotics. When he's hydrated, he'll be given his chemotherapy medication slowly, over the course of a day or three. After the medication is given, he'll be kept in the hospital for another day or two for observation. It's very important that the fluids be continued while he's receiving the medication, because this stuff can really damage his bladder. When he's released, we'll be closely monitoring his blood levels in between treatments. He'll also be receiving nupagen for the duration of his treatment.

Now, the treatment is in three phases. Theoretically, the whole program can be completed in 30 weeks, if his blood counts stay high all the way through. That's not going to happen. He is going to delay treatment many weeks because of blood count levels. We've also been told to expect many more illnesses, sicknesses and infections because of the newer medications.

I told all of my students about The Boy's illness yesterday. It wasn't to elicite sympathy, although I'm sure that'll help. (smile) It was mostly to explain why I've missed so much time and to explain why I don't want them to come near me when he's sick. We'll see if they remember. I think they will. They're good kids.


Sarah R said...

Crying for you thinking of you telling your class the news.

I am thinking that The Wife balanced out the odds, and decided that this is the best plan. Once The Boy is all better (which he WILL be someday), The Wife shouldn't have a problem finding a job again. After all, I've "known" her for a few years now, and she is awesome! Give her a hug for me....

Musical Daddy said...

Telling the kids the news was difficult. Lord knows that I have enough problems talking about it without crying at home. Trying not to break down in front of classes of kids... it was difficult.

sp0okY said...

i've been following your blog since david's diagnosis. i can't imagine how you both are doing glad mol will be staying home with the boy when he needs her the and throw a new little one into the mix, you have earned my respect. i have a child that went through major medical turmoil his first few years of life so my heart goes out to you. thanks for the pictures too a few posts back, it is nice to put faces to names on here. you and your family are in my prayers.