Friday, November 14, 2008

Family Time

This morning, The Boy and I went for an ultrasound at St. Barnabas. I almost slept through it; he was awake most of the night, so I didn't get more than three hours' sleep. (That's starting to sound like a broken record - "The Boy kept me up all night again." Apple-X (cut), apple-V (paste).) After The Wife left, he and I fell back asleep for what should have been fifteen minutes but turned into 45. Sigh. I also left the cell phone at home, which meant that I had no way to communicate with my father, who met us at the hospital. The procedure went really quickly and well, and we were home before ten o'clock. I fed the boy, gave him his medication, and went to school.

The Boy spent the rest of the day with Grandpa, which was pretty cool. The Boy slept for the rest of the morning. I came home for lunch, woke him up and fed him some grapes, bagel and pastry-thing - the last lunch/meal that the Chai Lifeline folks gave us. When I left, he was playing with his toys (Grandpa, I mean - David was trying to get the toys from Grandpa). He napped for a while longer, then The Wife and I got home from school. I left for marching band.

I spoke with Dr. Narang while I was at marching band. She told us that the chemo would not start on Monday because there was still some fluid gathered in the surgery place. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing, because they hadn't quite gathered all of the opinions regarding his new course of treatment. They want to meet with us on Tuesday, for an ultrasound followed by a consultation with Dr.s Rifkin, Narang and Kalamakar regarding The Boy's new chemo regimen.

(Interestingly enough, guess who is the only group NOT to get their opinions in? You get three guesses, and the first two don't count. That's right: CHOP hasn't gotten in their information. WHY do those people get such an amazing reputation?)

The new chemo regimen is likely going to be a difficult one. Nurse Debbie told us that they were strongly considering a two or three day per week, all-day chemo regimen. What that would likely mean is that our tentative plan of having my wife take time off from work would come to pass. There is no realistic way that she, or I, would be able to miss another day or two per week because of chemo - considering that an increase in intensity is also going to cause an increase in the number of sick days he needs. He's already been spending a minimum of a day per week at the hospital because of illness, and that will only get worse as time goes on.

Okay, that's not definite. Don't get me wrong. I don't know how his chemo regimen is going to go. Dr. Narang, quite correctly, is not going to discuss it over the telephone. So, we get to live in suspense for the weekend.

And, so much for my asthma doctor appointment on Tuesday. Maybe I can play the cancer card and get a better appointment time.

He did giggle today, both on the changing table and during Crazy Baby time. That was really, really nice to see.

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