Saturday, November 22, 2008

Giggle Man

When I put The Boy in the car for the ride home from the restaurant, he laughed and giggled in the backseat for the first 20 minutes of the 30 minute ride home. That's very, very good to hear, and very, very wierd - I was playing the audiobook "Barrayar" over the iPod, which isn't exactly humor material.

He sat in a booster seat, not a high chair, at the Friday's. It worked pretty well. The only down part was, at the end of the meal, he reached out and used Mommy's shirt to climb out of the chair. That would have been fine, save for the food stuff on his fingers. Oh, well. It was laundry night anyway.

I wrote a handful of thankyou notes tonight. I feel really, really bad about the lack of thankyou notes so far. There's no excuse not to get them out. I just haven't. Granted, I've been a little busy, but there's still no excuse. If you've given me something and I haven't sent you a note, please forgive me and forgive us. We're not bad people, most of the time. Just forgetful.

My sister-in-law, in particular, gets very sensitive about it, and I feel very badly when I miss. I didn't write a thankyou note to a friend of hers who gave me something - and, worse, I forgot what I was given. I think it was a gas card or two. I try to get them out, I really do.

My oldest brother and I have a deal, regarding presents and cards. As long as they arrive before the next major holiday, we're good. If I get his birthday present (Sept. 17) there before Christmas, we're okay. If his Christmas present comes before my birthday (in the summer), we're okay. We're usually within a month of the target date, on either side. Granted, this year, I sent out the birthday and Christmas presents in August, and they opened them all in August, so... the best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

He snuggled right up to me on the bed and fell asleep tonight. It was perfect. He was at a great angle, comfy as heck for the two of us. Heavenly. Babies are such wonderful inventions. Particularly mine: he acts like a Musical Daddy Tranquilizer so often.

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