Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How did this happen?

Yup. My boys sure do swim real good.

The Wife is pregnant again. Deuce is due on July 4, 2009. It's a pretty good picture on the ultrasound - you can see (his) head and body, and see that he's exceptionally well endowed.

(Okay. That's probably the umbilical cord. A guy can dream, though, can't he?)

You can actually see the amniotic sack outline in the picture, which is pretty cool.

This does complicate things quite a bit, even though it is truly joyous news. For instance, The Wife will always be changing the baby with gloves on while he's in treatment and even between chemo. They can't both fall asleep with him on top of her, because Bad Things can happen is The Boy's diaper leaks and the fluid gets on The Wife's skin and stays there.

(Think about it. The chemo seriously impacts fast-reproducing cells. What is a fetus BESIDES fast-reproducing cells? Ugh. Miles Vorkosigian might be a wonderful guy and an absolute genius, but I don't want him for a son if I can avoid it - and that's a best-case scenario.)

But, still. This is happy news, and we're excited as hell about it.

The Boy is in the hospital right now. Chemo started officially at ten thirty. There was a holdup - the urinalysis revealed bacteria in his urine. It could mean one of two things: a urinary tract infection (UTI), which needs to be treated with antibiotics because an infection in the kidney or bladder is BAD; or, bacteria that has gathered around the stent and will disappear when flushed out with fluids for a couple of days. Either way, he's getting tons of fluids and antibiotics, but they don't want to delay chemo any more.

The Wife and Grandma are at the hospital. I was supposed to bring The Wife home with me, but she fell asleep. Considering that she slept through a port access and test and some poking by doctors, I think she's out for a while. least until they catheterize The Boy. THEN she'll wake up.

Boy. It hurts just thinking about that one.


Sarah R said...


Elana Kahn said...

Yeah, that's definitely umbilical cord. lol As I posted on Logical Mommy's blog--"I dunno when you had time to conceive this baby, but hey, G-d creates miracles all the time." Big congrats!

Musical Daddy said...

Eh. It only took a second or two.

...that didn't sound right...

Shay said...

Congrats on the new baby! :D

Praying as always for the boy and his parents.