Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just a quick visit...

Turns out last night was just a "quick visit" - we left for the hospital around... um... 8 o'clock-ish and got home around 1:30AM. They put us in that "iso" room again, which is nice - it's got a couple of doors which cuts the noise out from the surrounding rooms and it's got its own bathroom. They gave him fluids (like, 250 mL in an hour) and some antibiotics, took a blood count and let us hang out. Eventually, we found out his ANC was over 700, and they sent us home. We passed out around 2 o'clock and woke up close to 9:30.

It was a hard night. He puked up huge amounts of fluid and food, all in an interesting florescent green color. It wasn't quite Mountain Dew green (nothing in nature is that color), but it was a different color than he expected. My wife was worried, while I thought it was pretty much just mucous. All night, he was mewling with aches and pains and sick feelings, without being able to make himself comfortable in any position. When we got home, we gave him Tylenol and more Zofran, and he eventually fell asleep and remained so until after 9:30.

Today was easier. He napped on my wife for much of the late morning, until I got home from marching band. He and I went for a nice, long walk around the neighborhood, culminating in a fun little romp in the front yard grass. Tonight, we had burritos from, and we're watching "The Emperor's New Groove," a seriously underrated Disney flick from the early aughts. Then, we'll watch an episode of House, before I spend an hour doing housecleaning.

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