Tuesday, November 4, 2008

liveblogging the day...

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9:40am: We've arrived and checked in. The Boy is graY with hunger, but we can't give him anything to eat or drink. Sigh. Traffic was light, and we made great time. Voting went easy this morning: our district had no line, while the other two districts in town were wrapped around the gym twice. I guess our area has no civic responsibility. Squeezed the car into a spot far too small. Anticipating a long, scream-y wait. Family won't be here for an hour, so it's just the three of us.

11:20am: in a secondary waiting room, waiting for exams by nurses and doctors and for lab work to be checked over. He is REALLY angry because he is starving and tired. No word on when the surgery actually will happen. I haven't had breakfast yet, just a muffin at Starbucks, but I can't imagine eating until The Boy goes in for surgery, because it would be cruel to eat in front of him.

12:40pm: stuck in the second waiting room because there is a code red or fire somewhere in the building. When the light stops flashing, The Boy will be taken. We've met all his doctors and he has been given his loopy pills. Hope they don't wear off before he leaves.

1:25pm: He was taken in around 20 minutes ago, and we just finished a lunch donated by a local Jewish charity - bagel, pastry, pasta and salad. My brother, father, mom-in-law are here with us. We expect a 3 hour surgery.

1:55pm: the stint in his kidney is in and the epidural path is set. There is a nurse that circulates around theopsratinf rooms and relays info to the families.

3:29pm: the organization that bought us lunch is called the Chai Lifeline, a nationwide charity organization. They are also lending us an apartment to use for the week - it's a 3-bedroom apartment that can be used by up to 3 families at a time (one bedroom per family, natch). Noone's there tonight except for us. There's also a secret Jewish locker upstairs that has snacks, which we now have the combination for. (I knew that marrying into the Jewish Conspiracy [tm] would be a good thing for me & my family!!!) Anyway, we're still waiting. No new word, which - I guess - is good news.

3:35pm: The nurse came by. They have him opened up - mostly - and are sending lots of samples to the labs, but they have not accessed the kidney area yet. Sigh.

5:19pm: He's out of surgery and okay, thank G-d. They removed the two tumors: the regrowth was roughly pancake-sized, the tumor on the right kidney very small. He's still asleep right now, and we'll see him when he's done. He'll be in the icu tonight (at least). I'm relieved - to be honest, I was terrified that he would never make it out of the operating room. Not sure when I can see him, but just knowing that it'll be soon (relatively speaking) is comforting. Dr. Comcast came out and told us the good news. We won't find out anything about the tumor regrowth for a while, and in six weeks, we'll have to have the stint removed from his kidney. That might mean a trip back to Philly, or they might be able to do it at St. Barnabas. We'll see.

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Sarah R said...

Good luck! I can't imagine how hard that must be to know that he's hungry and not be able to give him anything. Hugs to The Boy. Positive thoughts and prayers come your way all day.