Saturday, November 8, 2008


I just inhaled one of the huge meals that the Chai Lifeline brought for us, and I'm seriously debating about finishing the half meal that my wife left from her lunch. She's having some stomach issues (hmmmm.... could they be stress-related? Naaaaah.....), so she didn't eat much. The nurse (and a nursing student, a dude, who is shadowing her for the day) came in and was helping The Wife give him his medicine (a bladder anti-spasm medication), change his sheets (the stupid drain bulb keeps opening and leaking on the sheets every time The Boy or I sit on it), give his head and arms a sponge bath (lucky kid - our nurse - the female one, although the male isn't bad - is cute) and take his vitals. His temperature is the lowest that it's been, although his blood pressure is concerningly high.

He's still getting IV nutrition from a bag that looks like it holds my favorite soda, Diet Mountain Dew. It has that particular neon green color that doesn't actually exist in nature. Let people mock me as they may, but I've long extolled the virtues of Diet Mountain Dew.

Since he's unhooked from all of his monitors, I'm going to take him for a walk around the floor. He's not sick-sick-immune compromised, so it's okay for him to wander around a bit. I'll get a wagon, and pull it with one hand and his medicine tower (with the IV antibiotics, two types of IV nutrition and a third bag of fluids) with the other.

He's so cute. The nurses are already in love with him, and they've just met him. I keep telling him that he's a chronic flirt, but nobody believes me.

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