Monday, November 24, 2008


Cool thing:

The Boy has figured out the whole "wheels" thing. He's got a couple of toys with wheels, and by "a couple," I mean around five hundred. He's figured out that the wheels roll. This morning, with a little school bus with frogs with musical instruments riding, he crawled up and down the hallway, with one hand rolling the bus along the ground. How cool is that? He's really PLAYING with stuff! With a little toy ambulance, he rolled it up and down my leg earlier while he was trolling for attention. It was very fun.

He also ate about half of the serving of french fries that I got at Friday's tonight. Little piggy-wiggy. Still, as the doctor said, "Whatever The Boy wants to eat, The Boy should be allowed to eat."

I'm up WAY too late and need to sleep. Jazz clinic & Dapper Dans tomorrow. Long day.


Cate said...

That's awesome! Just wait until he's rolling cars out in front of you while you walk, lol.

the mol said...

We should also mention that he dipped the french fries in mayonnaise. One by one.