Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mr. Up All Night

Back at CHoO for more of the same old, same old. My wife has been asleep since around midnight. I got an hour or two sprinkled throughout the night, with the rest of the time devoted to pain management and infant care.

What the heck am I doing wrong? Why can my wife and mother-in-law get a decent amount of sleep with him, and I have to spend the better part of 40 minutes per hour with a screaming, in-pain baby? Why do I get these eyes from him saying, "Daddy, make it stop! Fix it! Get me food, too, while you're at it."

How frustrating. At least this time, the pain meds were delivered on time. I'm frustrated with the NG tube, because I think that it is causing the problems: baby is starving, cries because he is hungry, works himself into a lather, injures himself, cycle starts over again. Three yards forward, 2 yards 35 inches back.

Why do I have the vague, nagging suspicion that they screwed something up during the operation which is causing the dramatically increased recovery time? By night four last time, he was crawling around, eating and carrying on like the cute little imp that he is.

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Bill said...

Distraction is the key. You have to get him distracted. When #3 cries at bedtime, I start handing him things. By the 4th or 5th thing I hand him, he looks at it and starts reading or playing.

He'll get better. I can feel it. 3 yards forward, 2 yards 35 inches back is still an inch forward.