Wednesday, November 5, 2008


At 10:30am, I left the hospital with The Wife and slept for four hours at the apartment that the Chai Lifeline is donating us for the duration of our stay in Philadelphia. It's a really, really nice apartment - three bedrooms, tv in the living room, washer/dryer in the bathroom area & a kitchen with snacks. The only complaint I have is that the headboard and baseboard are six feet apart, and I'm six foot-two. Whatever - it's still better than that fold-out chair-thing that is in the hospital.

While I was away, they took the epidural tube out of The Boy's back. One less medication... he's still on the morphine (a continuous drip because of his discomfort), though. The Wife and her mother have been holding him for the last hour or so. He seems more alert and more - well, he's not normal, he's not even close to acting normally, but he seems more alive and less like the Matrix-baby he was last night.

He's still got the ng-tube in, which is the tube that goes through his nose and down into his stomach. It's one of the hardest things about his recovery, because it's the least comfortable thing, which is saying a lot. Hopefully that will come out soon. It's there because the whole gastric system goes to sleep when it's manipulated like it was during the surgery, and they don't want acids to accumulate down there.

Poor little man. This is a harder recovery than the first time. The Pain Team doctors were pretty cool, though - one dude stayed with us for an hour while we were stabilizing his pain management, who is in a similar life situation as I am - young wife, five month old baby, etc. I think they might have gotten it right, finally!

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