Monday, November 3, 2008

Once more, into the breach...

Here we go again: I'm preparing to be absent from school for the next two days, and I'm preparing to move my entire life 120 miles to the southeast for an indefinite length of time (less a doctor's appointment and marching band on Friday). This all is contingent, of course, on The Boy's bloodwork, which will be done at 1:30 or 2:00 this afternoon, with counts coming back in at 5-ish. To make matters more interesting, he's still got a nasty cough, runny nose and achy body from the cold he's been fighting since the middle of last week.

What does this mean? I give the surgery a 40% chance of actually happening on Tuesday. I think it is more likely that, because he's sick, they'll push it back a week - or check him into the hospital until he's better, then do the surgery - or do the surgery anyway and hope no infection sneaks into his body. And, we won't find out until close to dinnertime.

We've had our bag packed for the better part of a month, at this point. I have my "reading" bag ready to go, and the computer bag is also ready to go. Before we leave, I want to make sure that any dirty dishes are in a running dishwasher and all trash has been taken outside. The heat needs to be turned down to around 55 degrees to save heating oil, and new sheets need to be put on the bed (figuring that we're likely to be stumbling home, exhausted beyond belief). Also, the mail and the newspaper need to be stopped indefinitely (again), and my neighbors alerted to keep an eye on the house for me.

All of which will - more than likely - turn out to be a moot point, when - after dinner - we'll likely have to call everybody and tell them that it's all off, again, and to be ready next week or the week after, when they'll do the surgery.


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the mol said...

Surgery is on! Bloodwork is very good and The Boy is in reasonable health as well.

Assuming, of course, we don't get there and have them tell us "just kidding" or something equally ridiculous.