Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quick Hit...

Another good day yesterday... he was crawling around, playing with every single toy he owns at the same time. Very cute. Standing up, crusing around, seeing different places where he can put his toys and find other toys - like, inside the arm of the easy chair, down the stairs, under the couch, etc. Lots and lots of fun, particularly when accompanied by random laughing and giggling.

He's developed the habit of pointing at me and laughing when I enter a room. That's what I get for leaving him for chunks of time with my father and with my mother-in-law. Sigh.

Yesterday, he was falling asleep and needed some help - so, I put my head flat against the matress, nose-to-nose with him, and fell asleep. How wierd is that - I can't sleep like that normally, and I can't sleep like that with my wife. But, with the baby? No problem.

Glad he's so cute. Nervous about the ultrasound & the chemo regimen today.

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