Sunday, November 16, 2008

Return to Normalcy

I feel a little bit more like a real human being and a part of a real family right now. It's amazing how little things make us feel normal again. In this case, it was a thorough scrubbing of our bedroom and the kitchen, the disposing of two weeks' worth of junk mail and a straightening of the living room. Plus, I did a nice, short little workout (ran a mile, did a quick full-body workout - my knee actually feels decent today, though) on Saturday night, and that also helps. My body doesn't feel right if there's no slight muscle soreness.

Things are still a bit screwy - we don't have the rhythm of cooking, eating and cleaning down correctly. Our sleep and nap cycles are still messed up. But, we're on the right path.

This week, I have grading to do (167 students assigned appropriate and reasonable grades for band), a new chemo schedule to adopt (meeting on Tuesday, maybe), some Gapbuster mystery shopping assignments (Wednesday afternoon), my sister-in-law visiting this weekend and the rest of my wife's family visiting next weekend for Thanksgiving. Busy week, particularly since it's very important to me to have a spotless house for my in-laws.

This was a good weekend. Friday was a traumatic night, after we got the news from Dr. Narang. Saturday was better: we did our usual out-to-breakfast thing. Interesting note - we went to Rise 'N' Shine, a little breakfast diner on Terrill Road that we've frequented over the past couple of years. Matter of fact, we've probably been there an average of every other week for three years. We haven't been there much recently, mostly because we haven't been anywhere recently and because the past couple of times we've gone there we've gotten bad service and mediocre food. We went there on Saturday because we hadn't been for a while. None of the servers who'd been there for years (and do know us) acknowledged us with a hello or anything. We were seated and forgotten about. We waiting fifteen minutes, starving at our table, as three tables who were seated after us received their drinks and their food - without us even being acknowledged by a waitress and an order taken. Depressing. We left and went to the diner around the corner from our house, where we were warmly greeted and, when I put in my order, the waitress said, "Ah. The usual, then."

Guess where we're probably going to go next weekend?

But, I digress. After breakfast, we went back to the house and spent the rest of the day in pajamas. We did absolutely nothing - cleared out the TiVo, watched the Rutgers game (flipped to the Michigan game, but they lost to Northwestern), and went shopping at Costco. We would have gotten out under a hundred bucks if it wasn't for the fact that I'm going to start taking the vitamins and supplements that I've taken off-and-on for a few years. That added $60, which brought us over a hundred bucks. We didn't get anything special - a case of Vitamin Water, a case of soymilk, a case of Sesame Street juice boxes (which are good - 100% juice, donchewknow), some grey fuzzy pants for The Wife and I to wear and a multivitamin, a fish oil and calcium supplement and some allergy medicine and Costco's brand of Alleve, which is good for my knee and neck injuries.

Got home, unpacked and ordered Applebee's to go. It was cool - called in the order, drove & parked in the specified parking spots, and waited. A waitress came out and brought the food, took my credit card and returned it. After dinner, I worked out, snuggled with the baby and we all went to bed.

Today, got up & went to church. I love the people at this church, I really do. If I had been a part of a community like this one when I was younger (Notre Dame Church didn't do a good job of roping me in, considering that all the other kids went to the other high school and not mine, so all the kids were already friends with each other in school and didn't have time for me), then I might have been lots more active with the church. These are just wonderful people with great attitudes and welcoming smiles.

After church, I cleaned out my car. A leak has developed in the trunk, so that when it rains the spare tire well fills with water. I vaccuumed out the water and used this excuse to clean out the inside of the car - vaccuumed, straightened, etc. We ate lunch and turned the Giants game on. A guy came over to take blood and urine samples for an insurance exam. He was a bit of a butcher - I actually thought I was going to pass out when he was taking blood, and I'm sure that I'm going to bruise. I don't bruise easily. The Wife went to a rehearsal, and The Boy and I napped for an hour before we played until she came home.

Giants won big over the Ravens. The Boy liked that. The Wife maintains that football fandom is matrilinial. I'll believe it when I see it.

Then, we ate dinner, I cleaned the kitchen, straightened out the rooms and am snuggling with everyone. We read some Winnie the Pooh and are now watching House, and he's asleep.

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