Friday, November 7, 2008

Temporary Trip

I'm at home right now, taking care of business. I went to choir practice tonight, and tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and marching band. Good thing about the doctor, because my old asthma doctor iant refilling my prescriptions anymore. I've grown rather fond of breathing.

The Boy is in a different room. When I left, he was sitting up and doing some playing. The NG tube is still in and will remain until his stomach starts working. The pain management seems to be better. He is a little more comfortable, and they reduced his morphine drip twice today. Last time, they stopped his pain meds 24 hours after the surgery, but this was more invasive. Meh. I'll be happy when the tube is out and he is off medication completely.

Then, the wait starts to find out the changes to his chemo.

No word on when he's coming home yet. Best guess is Saturday or Sunday.

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