Monday, November 24, 2008

The Waiting Game, again...

Story of my life. This cancer thing is starting to be like the military. Move as fast as you can to get a battery of tests and examinations done, and then wait an undefined amount of time for the results to come back.

The Boy had an ultrasound today. Dr. Narang reported to Dr. Comcast (with whom The Boy had a postsurgical followup examination) that there was still a grape-sized bit of fluid on the kidney.

(Onion News report: an oncologist chooses to have multiple types of citrus fruits in his office in order to compare tumor sizes. "Most of my patients don't know how big a orangilo is.")

What does that mean? No idea. We haven't gotten a call back from the center about whether or not The Boy's treatment will start this week or next. My gut instinct says that if it was a no, we would have heard already. Instead, I think they're going to several separate opinions in order to come up with a practical solution.

We'll see. I guess we'll hear tomorrow. My guess at this point: ultrasound on Wednesday or Thursday, treatment starts Friday.

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