Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekend Update, with Musical Daddy!

Eh. A Saturday Night Live joke, even if SNL ceased relevance around twenty years ago, if - indeed - it ever actually was. Still.

This hospital stay has been... well.. a hospital stay. Not great, but not terrible. We've been lucky in that The Boy's chemo requires him to have experienced nurses, so we've gotten the cream of the crop. That's a good thing, particularly since Grandma has stayed three of the four nights and will be staying the fifth as well. He is still on track for coming home on Monday for...wait for it... The Rest Of His Treatments.


Wednesday was a bad night. They found bacteria in his urine, and they had to catheterize him in order to get a sample of urine directly from his bladder. This way, they could tell if it was a true urinary tract infection or just bacteria from around his stent. The first time they cath'ed him, there was no urine in his bladder. They did it again an hour or so later, and that trigger a LOT of pain and discomfort and nausea.

It doesn't help that the sweatshirt I'm wearing is older than some of these residents. When did they start giving stethoscopes and white coats to twelve year olds?

He alternated bouts of hysterical screaming with sleeping. My wife and mother-in-law were there all night and didn't have a good time.

Thursday was a great day. He was happy and active most of the day, and The Family arrived for T-Day dinner. We had it in the lobby of the pediatric floor. I slept through the actual dinner with The Boy (he was asleep, too) but we both ate our fill later. Thursday night was uneventful, with the nurse handling all of the two-hour diaper changes for Grandma.

Friday was my Black Friday shopping day, and I'm pleased to say that I was 4 for 4. I got the Playstation controller from Radio Shack that I wanted, and I got a lot of good clothes for cheap at Kohls (with the requisite 90 minute wait in line at the register - thank G-d for iPods, because I watched an episode of "Chuck" and half of the Shield series finale). I drove out to Ikea and spent some savings on a bedroom set, which I got for about half price. It's nice to have matching furniture in the bedroom for the first time ever. Then I bought discounted tires at Sears and joined my family in the hospital.

Friday night was my night in the hospital and was, fortunately, uneventful. I piled through a bunch of magazines and plowed through a bunch of children's shows on my iPod for The Boy. I did the diaper changes instead of the nurse, mostly because I was as OCD as usual and set my alarm on my iPod to go off every two hours. She was very helpful in entertaining him when I went potty, and she got me really hot water (for his bottle, which he didn't "need" until 5AM and could likely have gone without had I not brought it up). She was nice and helpful, though, during the two times that he peed in the midst of a diaper change.

That's scary because these chemo drugs are Big Nasty Mojo stuff and can't touch my skin and REALLY can't touch my pregnant wife's skin. All kinds of Bad Stuff can happen, so having that extra person there REALLY helped!

Anyway, The Wife and Grandma arrive around nine, and I went home around 10:30 and assembled 3/4 of the furniture that I bought. The house is still a mucking fess, because I haven't disposed of the old furniture - the dresser that was The Wife's dresser is REALLY heavy, and I need someone's help like my brother or one of my buddies. I finished and cleaned up around 8 o'clock and was at the hospital at 8:30, where The Boy and I played until we both fell asleep from 9:30 until 11, when The Wife and I left.

Tomorrow, Grandma's brother and wife are coming for a visit, where we're getting some hand-me-downs. Very nice of them. Inconvenient, because there's no definite time they're getting in from the city; Grandma needs to rest, because tomorrow night and Monday (when we're at school) are the only times that we REALLY need her. My father is in Florida now, so we need all the bodies we can muster. I'll be there after church. I have some school work to do, but nothing really pressing - just some transpositions and information sheets and such.

The chemo has gone relatively smoothly, but this is what I expected. The only major side effects are nasty diarrhea so far. Next weekend is when the bad effects will hit, if experience is any judge.

We'll see. Neither The Wife or I can afford to spend many more days out of school between now and Christmastime because of the busy, important concert season.

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