Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, that just sucked.

Decent day today. My wife took the first half of the day off, I took the second half. Our school days don't exactly coincide, so I had The Boy with me for a period and a half. Well, one period, technically. He sat on my lap and made occasional faces at pungent run-throughs of music. Afterwards, I showed him off to the various teachers and administrators at my school so they could see how beautiful he is.

We went to CVS, and one of the medicines - clonidine - requires a suspension solution. The CVS pharmacy has to special order it, so they wouldn't have it until tomorrow. This was told to me after I waited ten minutes for them to finish up the medicine (after I was told on the phone that it was waiting for me), then another 10 minute wait while they called around to find somewhere.

Kudos to them, however, for finding a pharmacy in Chatham - the Liberty Drug on Main St. - that mixes the stuff. So, I called and faxed and placed the order. Then, he and I passed out cold for a little over 2 hours.

When my wife came home, we lounged around together for a while. After watching an episode of House, we went to Chatham to pick up the medication. Clonidine is a blood pressure medication that The Boy will be on until the stent is removed from his kidney. I told the pharmacist - nice guy, named Dana - about The Boy's surgery last week at CHoP. He made the usual platitudes about CHoP, which I neutrally agreed. "...but, I don't know why they didn't tell you about us. We're on a list that they have."

Yet another piece of information that CHoP left out. Man, the hits just keep on comin'.

We also found out, right about that time, that our babysitter isn't available for the next two days. My brother and his wife didn't called us back tonight, so they're out. My father can watch The Boy without a problem, but - since he doesn't do diapers - he's out as a solution. Band Guy's wife is at class until late and didn't call back, and our other buddies have a cold being passed around the house and don't want to give it to The Boy. Great. The Wife will take tomorrow, and I'll take Friday.

Friday, Dr. Narang from the Valerie Fund Center wants to see him for an ultrasound, so they can make sure that the fluid buildup in the surgical arena is dissipating as expected. If not, they can't give chemo until it's gone - bad idea to leave potentially bacteria-filled fluid in a sensitive area of the body immediately after surgery, then knock out The Boy's immune system with chemo. She also told us that they would be consulting many doctors on the Wilms Network before changing his chemo, as we expected.

Man, she talks fast. I'd pay a hefty amount of money to get her a few drinks and see what she'd say. I'll bet that she is hilarious - like, Chris Tucker in Rush Hour kind of funny.

Tonight was not fun. Well, the burritos we had for dinner were awesome, thanks to the WHS marching band for the gift certificate. We gave him his Norvask, and he puked it up with his dinner. The rest of the drugs were a real struggle to get down his throat - like, hold him down, hold his nose and squirt the drug in until he swallows. I feel dirty after doing that.

Still. I know it's for a good cause. I'm going to bed, though. I'm exhausted.

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