Friday, December 19, 2008

Busy Week!

Not that it's an excuse. It takes, like, 30 seconds to type a short blog entry. I'm just lazy.

The concert Monday went well - I'm very, very proud of my students. The performance on Tuesday went well also - the Dapper Dans are awesome. The party Wednesday night was very fun - The Boy started eating at around 4:30, and he stopped - I kid you not - around 9PM. Little fatty is starting to get his second chin back... Thursday night's rehearsal went well, all things considered, and The Boy's counts came back GREAT!

Chemo today. My wife has no school. I'm not so lucky. That's frustrating, because #1) I want a snow day so I can sleep an extra few hours, and #2) the kids are going to be grumpier than I am.

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