Saturday, December 27, 2008


The Boy has gotten very good at blowing kisses. He does it when he's in a very good and smiley mood, at the immediate family. He's also gotten very hug-centric: he enjoys throwing his arms around people's shoulders, and he actively seeks hugs as he's playing around.

Today, he was kneeling on The Wife's lap, and he would giggle, growl and throw himself at her - a full-body hug. Then he'd push himself back up, giggle, and do it again. Regularly, when I crawl across the floor at him (growling, of course), he giggles, crawls towards me, pulls himself to standing using my shoulder and hugs me. Very cute.

He now points the remote control at the television when he pushes the buttons. The only button he pushes regularly that causes an effect is the "pause" button on the TiVo - it's a big yellow button in the middle of the remote. He also is very good at pressing the button on the telephone (landline) that tests the volume level of the ringer.

More and more, he's pushing away from things and standing on his own. He even, occasionally, takes a diving step or two to reach for stuff - not walking, more controlled falling.

When he's in the hospital and the television goes off, he points to the t.v. and grunts at it. It's very cute.

He's starting saying "Daddy," but still says, "Mom!"

He's very good with a spoon, with either hand. We give him yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast, and he uses a spoon in each hand to eat. Although, today, he got the idea to dump the yogurt into the oatmeal to make it taste... I hesitate to say better, but different. He's also quite good as asking for "jooosh", which means juice.

And, he's very good at opening presents. He's even seeking out the areas that aren't taped by turning the package to different sides!

The Valerie Fund charities were very generous to us this holiday season. More on that later.

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